Life Groups

Sometimes it can be hard to connect with people on a Sunday.  Because of this, we have Life Groups.


Life Groups consist of around 10-25 people that meet once a week on a Wednesday night in different members' homes.  Getting together with a smaller group of people on a weekly basis allows people to build friendships with other like-minded Christians.  There is usually some snacks or food prepared by the host and an engaging Bible lesson with an open discussion.  Life Groups are great for people that want to learn more about the Bible and meet new people!


Tim Dopp | 218.398.0196

Tim is our Life Group coordinator.  He manages the groups, organizes curriculum, and can help you find the Life Group that's right for you!  He also leads a Life Group with his wife, Sue.



Malcolm & June Dearmon


Denny & Angie Emery


Guy & Crystal Marlette


Mike & Krista Tribbett


Dave & Dawn Latuff

Caleb Lichtle