Need directions?

No problem!  The address to the church is:

707 NW 17th Ave
Grand Rapids, MN

Or if you'd prefer written directions, head west on highway 2 past Forest Lake Restaurant and S&S Meats until you come to NW 17th Avenue (which will be on the right).  Turn right onto NW 17th Avenue, keep going straight for a quarter of a mile where you will see River of Life on the left.  See, that wasn't so hard!



Need a ride?

Hey, we realize not everyone has a drivers' license or reliable vehicle.  The good news is that we have special River of Life BUSES that run every Sunday morning!  If you would like a ride for yourself or your children, make sure to fill out the form!  Your information will be sent straight to our evangelism coordinator who will contact you shortly after to set something up.

So what are you waiting for?!

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