Grow to Go is a video project dedicated to teaching basic Biblical principles and stories in small portions.


Who Is Jesus?


Who Is God?

I Corinthians 14: Gifts of the Spirit


Acts 19: Paul 20 Years After Pentecost

Acts 10: The Story of Cornelius


Acts 8: Samaria, Philip, and Simon the Sorcerer

Acts 8 tells the story of Philip going to Samaria to preach the gospel and running into a man known as Simon the Sorcerer.

How To Obey the Gospel (Acts 2 continued)

In the previous episode, we looked at the first half of Acts 2 where the Holy Spirit filled people for the first time (if you haven't watched it yet, its right below!).  In this video, we're looking at the second half of the chapter where the people realized that they had killed the Messiah.  When the people realized this, the Bible says that "they were pricked in their hearts, and asked 'what shall we do?'".  The answer that Peter gives them is absolutely vital to know and understand.