The Current


It can be really difficult for teenagers to find a place to fit in.  That's why we have The Current.


The Current is River of Life's student ministry (ages 12-18).  The definition of a current is a body of water moving in a definite direction.  The purpose of this ministry is to help young people find their identity in Jesus Christ while building healthy relationships with people that will have a positive influence on their lives.

The Current meets every other Friday night at 6:30pm at the church for a time of worship and a message.  In between those weeks, they will have hangout nights that take place at different places (the bowling alley, a park, etc.).  Throughout the year, there are multiple youth camps and retreats that they attend.  If you would like more information on The Current or to find what's going on this week, contact our youth pastor!

ROL Staff-Blake Moriah.jpg

Blake & Moriah Mitchell

Blake: 218.256.5955
MOriah: 218.259.4231

Blake and Moriah met at Indiana Bible College and became our youth leaders shortly after they got married.  They have a passion to see young people give their lives to God.  If you have any questions about our youth services or where the next one will be, feel free to give them a call or shoot them a text!