River Kids


We do our very best to let children be themselves and learn about Jesus in a safe environment.


Sunday Mornings - 10:30am

Whether they come on one of our buses or catch a ride with a parent or older sibling, every Sunday at 10:30am, River Kids start off the day by joining in on the worship experience with the adults in the main sanctuary.  After about 10-15 minutes of worship, they are then dismissed into the Sunday School wing where there is a fully staffed, well-organized plan of action for keeping your kids engaged and free to learn about Jesus while making new friends in a safe environment.  Activities include snack time, action songs, Bible lessons, arts and crafts, and much more!

WEDNESDAYs - 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Each Wednesday night, members of the church congregate throughout Grand Rapids and surrounding areas for Life Groups. During that time, we offer a fun-filled experience for children that allows them to be taught a Bible lesson in an engaging and age-appropriate way.  This also means that the parents can go to their Life Group without having to find a babysitter!  Just like Sunday mornings, there are games, fun activities, action songs, snacks, a time of prayer, and worship.  Your kids will love it!

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Lindsey Lund

lindseylund@yahoo.com | 218.341.6461

Lindsey does an incredible job leading our Sunday School team!  Within the last few years, we've had a huge remodel in our Sunday School wing that includes some impressive props and a beautiful chapel!  If you have any questions or concerns at all about Sunday School, feel free to contact her!


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Bridget Douville


Bridget does a wonderful job running our Kids' Group on Wednesdays nights!  You can rest assured that your kids will be in good hands with her and her team where they will learn about the Bible, enjoy a snack, and play games!