Hannah (left) with Ellia (right).

Hannah (left) with Ellia (right).

   Hannah is a sweet little 10-year-old girl who had started to tag along on our Sunday School bus route.  She lives in Cohasset amongst several houses that we stop by in the area when picking up kids for Sunday school.  We hadn’t seen her for a few months though.  Recently, we had an outreach day where we made 70 loaves of bread and brought them to give out to the bus kids.  Every child that had ever ridden on our bus was given a loaf of “friendship” bread.  That day, I happened to be the one who knocked on her door.  I didn’t know her on a one-on-one name basis.  I just had a piece of paper with her name and address.  But she remembered me, and ran and jumped into my arms with a heartwarming hug, stating in excitement “I’m so glad you are here, Ellia!” She started riding the bus again after that day.

   The goal of the Sunday School department is not just to have kids come to Sunday school; it’s for them to know that they are loved.  We want them to know that they are thought of with as much love that we have for our own children.  That’s the goal.  That they feel and know that in the chaos of a crazy world, there is one place of peace: the church.

   A few weeks went by, and then we heard the devastating news that her step-mother had passed away.  There were two women that were from our church that went both wanting to do something for her.  One of the women had a gift card, and without a second thought, decided to donate it.  The second woman went shopping hoping to find something nice having only $20 to work with.  God blessed their efforts more than double.  Deals that stores just so happened to have on that day allowed them to buy a basket and fill it with $50 worth of goodies.  The two women brought the basket to Hannah the following Sunday afternoon.  As they handed it to her, Hannah’s eyes began to well up with tears.  She embraced them, not wanting to let go.  After, they began to point out to her some of things in the basket.

The first woman said, “You know, when I have a tummy ache and I’m just not feeling very good and I don’t know why, a big warm bowl of chicken noodle soup really helps me.”
She then pointed out to Hannah the can of Campbell’s in the basket.  Amongst the gifts in the basket, there were also craft items that could be used for various projects that Hannah could choose to create.
The second woman spoke up, “Hopefully some of these projects can help if you get bored and have nothing to do.  Maybe even help make the time pass and get your mind off things.”  The first woman chimed back in, "We don’t expect these gifts to even remotely come close in taking the place of your step-mother.  And we don’t want them to; we just hope that these things will ease some of the pain that’s in your heart.”  Hannah’s eyes got really bright, and she looked up at them with tears of joy and whispered "it already has.”

   The goal of Project 22:39 is to find those hurting people--all ages, young and old--and to in any way that we can show that we love them.  If there is anything we can do to help our fellow neighbor, we want to take action and do whatever it may be.

We want to show the love of Christ to all.

These two people are one example of this mission being fulfilled.